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The Extremely Yoga Platform, where you can Learn How to Do, When To Do, Why To Do, What are the Things You May Need, Where Can You Learn Near-by, What Are The Impacts, The History, The Future And The Tips, Indeed Everything.


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How Meditation & a Powerful Trip to India Changed Teacher Max Strom Forever

Fifteen years ago, yoga teacher Max Strom traveled to Varanasi, India. What he witnessed there sent him on the road to emotional transformation. Milosk50/Shutterstock From time to time, nearly all of us are prompted to reassess our priorities. The trigger is usually an event or an interaction that leads to an epiphany. In that moment, …

11 Yoga Essentials and Practice Inspiration for Spring

From practice inspiration to books, jewelry, yoga mats and more, gear up with these hand-picked favorites from YJ editors. Woom Center This New York City studio offers multisensory yoga experiences with a 3-D sound system for a strong vibrational impact and immersive visual effect. Blindfolded segments of class will also help you tune in ($25–$45 …

What You Need to Know about a "Neutral" Pelvis and Spine

Tom Myers explains what it means to practice with a “neutral” pelvis and spine, why it’s important, and how to know when you’re there. Illustration: Michele Graham Join Tom Myers for a seven-week online introduction to anatomy for yoga students and teachers. You’ll learn how to think of movement in holistic, relational, and practical ways, …


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